SVG Schematic

Author:Ken Kundert

This package allows you to create simple SVG schematics and block diagrams without a mouse. Instead, you build the schematic using Python to instantiate and place the symbols and wires.

Simple Example

Here is a simple example that demonstrates the package. It generates the schematic of a shunt RLC circuit:

from svg_schematic import Schematic, Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Wire
from inform import Error, error, os_error

    with Schematic(filename='rlc.svg'):
        r = Resistor(name='R', orient='v')
        c = Capacitor(W=r.E, name='C', orient='v')
        l = Inductor(W=c.E, name='L', orient='v|')
        Wire([r.p, l.p])
        Wire([r.n, l.n])
except Error as e:
except OSError as e:

When run, it produces the following schematic:



Requires Python3. Works best with Python3.6 or newer.

You can download and install the latest stable version of the code from PyPI using:

pip3 install --user svg_schematic

You can find the latest development version of the source code on Github.


Please ask questions or report problems on Github Issues.


Contributions in the form of pull requests are welcome.

I tend to create symbols as I need them. If you create missing symbols, please consider contributing them back to the project.